Magyar tervezés, és gyártás... Limitált darabszám!

About us

After long planning and work, we can finally welcome Bloom Hungary. The brand was dreamed of Pearl Tóth (Perla), which was born from the infinite love and passion for fashion, based on his own creative taste.


Bloom Hungary is the brand of conscious woman who is important to get dressed up to date. The Bloom woman is aware of your goals, motivations and values, and use the cloakard as a tool for this. He wants to feel strong, stylish and sophisticated in his clothes, in addition to finding themselves. Quality, comfort and fashion at the same time - Give this Bloom Hungary!


The brand is sensitive to the current, latest trends, but most of the product range is made up of classic basis, which are timeless, but are not everyday. Brilliant shades and feminine pieces characterize the collection. Bloom Hungary represents a creative and modern style that is especially important for anyone to find the opportunity set for the more sporty, looser weekdays and the elegant parties.


The color palette of the first AW21 collection is Navy, the dark brown, the powder rippling, the black and the white, while the fuchsia, the angeline and the sometimes pop-up exciting patterns are sufficiently fascinating it. The product range is not only in the shades of variety: including fine-tuned muslin blouses, self-designed, exclusive blazer, timeless tissue, oversized and feminine style dress, charming circles and french gloss quoting quoting skin. Soft lines, elegance, portable and femininity: This is the Bloom Hungary AW21 collection!

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